The sway that doesn’t go away…..

Let me say first of all that yes, I am thinking about getting a goat…..or two I guess, because according to the nice man in the video one would just be too lonely without a playmate.

I’ve started breaking the news to Billy in small doses.

Like, wouldn’t this make a nice little pasture for something? And, don’t you just love chevre. Then he says, “what’s

I’ve enlisted the help of the blonde one by simply showing her a video of two baby goats playing. She’ll do the rest of the persuading.

I’ve uploaded this video, not because I think you might be in the market for a milk-goat, and you just might be wondering what breed of milk-goat is best.

No, I’ve added it, so you can see the ‘sway.’ You know, that sway that happens when you hold a baby. The fact that this is a farmer who clearly loves his goats makes it even better.

I bet he’s swayed his own babies in the middle of the night.

I sway when I’m standing next to someone swaying their baby.

I love the sway.
To see this man sway, just made my day.

I’m weird…I own it.

the wanna be country girl – Caroline

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2 Responses to The sway that doesn’t go away…..

  1. betsy says:

    I love your blog and I myself also love the sway!

  2. Debbie says:

    I laughed out loud at the title, as soon as I pressed play! You’re right – it is sweet. We got Nigerian dwarf goats to keep the horses company. Maybe good for someone who’s hesitant.

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