The last snow and Meeting Belle

We had two snow storms this winter, and by snow storm, I mean almost four inches of the fluffy white stuff. Snow is almost unheard of in our part of Georgia, so when it comes, its reason for celebration.

I wanted to introduce you to our newest pack member. Her name is Belle and she’s a Doberman. She just turned eight months old. You know we usually have rescue dogs, but Little Bit has always wanted a Doberman so we decided to get her one. Belle is so smart and sweet. We spent a long time looking at breeders before settling on Belle and she has lived up to all that was promised.

She’s just beautiful.


when she’s not acting like a demented jack-rabbit


And she fits right into the pack.


She’s mischievous and wants to eat EVERYTHING including a metal dog brush that landed her at the vet for exploratory stomach surgery. There are days I wonder what we got ourselves into, then there’s this, which was perfect until…


she discovered the tree ;)


Never a dull moment!




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3 Responses to The last snow and Meeting Belle

  1. Billy says:

    Beautiful dog! How long did she keep that Santa hat on? Mine won’t wear it for long.
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  2. Lizzy says:

    Your dog looks great! I hope she is still doing well – mine (a Border Collie) definitely likes it when it is colder out and struggles with the hot Georgia summers.

  3. Caroline, she is beautiful….a perfect fit for the family!!!

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