The Frogs made me do it….

I went to Lowe’s today and bought stuff to plant in the garden. Yes…I know its way too early, but the frogs by my pond have sung now for weeks and I just can’t take it anymore. Their constant song about spring and the fact that it’s reaching 74 degrees today was too much for this garden loving person to take.


I mean if you heard this all day and night right outside your bedroom window wouldn’t you be tricked into thinking spring is here. I did limit myself to herbs, onions and garlic…..but that’s only because they didn’t have any impatiens!

Happy Spring!

the wanna be country girl – Caroline


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4 Responses to The Frogs made me do it….

  1. cheryl says:

    Caroline, just made your super easy bread and its a rising. This is so easy I had been looking for an easy bread since my old wrists hurt to much to knead like they used to. Thanks for sharing this recipe and my grandkids thank you too. After I make it they slather butter on it and chow down. Cheryl

    The Wanna Be Country Girl Reply:

    ‘what fun to have your grandchildren waiting for your fresh bread. Next time, while the bread’s baking, you have to gather the kids and make some fresh butter together. So easy with the food processor, and my kids love making it.
    Thanks for commenting!

  2. JP says:

    Caroline, so gald you went shopping! After hearing that all the time, I’d be digging too!…:)JP

    The Wanna Be Country Girl Reply:

    I just couldn’t resist JP. Nothing but digging in the dirt helps when your sap’s rising!

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