Separated at birth

Last week I was watching a rerun on “Saturday Night Live” with Justin Timberlake hosting. He was hilarious, but while I was watching, I kept getting the feeling he reminded me of someone, then it came to me.

Justin Timberlake and Michael Caine were separated at birth!

Then it happened again last night when we all sat down to watch “True Grit” with John Wayne, Glen Campbell and Kim Darby.

Keep in mind, my children didn’t know this movie was made two years after I was born. The minute Mattie Ross came on-screen, they both yelled out in unison….

“Justin Bieber’s playing a girl in this movie?”

It’s a slow Sunday around here, and I just got to thinking, maybe you’ve pondered how much Justin Timberlake looks like Michael Caine and how Justin Bieber would have been a perfect Mattie Ross in the “True Grit” remake, but you were too scared to say it out-loud. Be unafraid…someone out there agrees with you.

~ Caroline



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2 Responses to Separated at birth

  1. Caroline, I can’t believe what I am reading in your post. Our summer family RV trip this year took us through Ridgeway, CO. My husband bought “True Grit” and we watched it before our arrival in Ridgeway, which was the primary location the movie was shot at (also Ouray and Telluride). My kids mentioned immediately that Mattie looked like Justin Bieber. We all thought that was very funny. So, you are right, we totally agree. Great post!

  2. J P says:

    Honestly they both resemble the old timers but I never thought about it. HOWEVER, my BIL could pass for John Wayne’s brother!!! And my daughter’s best friend is the spitting image of Morgan Fairchild!!! …:)JP
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