Photo editing

I’m sure, like you, I take a ton of photos with my iPhone and I love to quickly edit them on the go. My favorite app for editing on the iPhone also happens to be free, bonus!

It’s Snapseed Free


Here’s an example of a before and after of a photo I took of one of my favorite subjects this past Sunday taken with the iPhone and edited using Snapseed

PicMonkey edit2 My favorite photo editing site on the computer is free also!! it’s

Here’s another photo taken with my iPhone, but edited on my laptop using PicMonkey

PicMonkey edit PicMonkey has hundreds of editing options! You’ll love it, and it’s supper user-friendly. I use it to make all my photo colleges, you can add a frame or text, you can even remove a pesky blemish or add a little lip color. Little Bit loves to upload her photos and add hats, sunglasses and sometimes a mustache!

Have fun editing!


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3 Responses to Photo editing

  1. Kimberly says:

    Oh thank you for this information!
    I only take pics with my phone and rarely is it a great shot.
    Now I have a chance to share them:)
    You’ve been missed!

  2. PicMonkey is great and use it on my laptop. I don’t do much editing on my phone which is Android but there’s always a first time!
    A Quiet Corner recently posted..Fun With Gift CardsMy Profile

  3. Thanks for the recommendations, Carolyn…I do like Pic Monkey, which I have on my laptop…:)JP
    A Quiet Corner recently posted..Fun With Gift CardsMy Profile

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