our four legged cast of characters contiued…..

It’s time you meet some more of the reasons our feed bill is so high, only this time I didn’t say “and our heart so full”, because

one of the horses bit B on the arm the other day

we’re not happy with them right now

here is the guilty party……………Cisco, my horse…….

he just a grump, but he can’t go around biting people………

this is Cisco’s brother Regalo

Regalo couldn’t be more different from Cisco, he’s so calm and sweet

plus he loves to be groomed……the little girls braid his mane and tail all the time

they look almost identical

and in fact between them they would make one really nice horse, you see Cisco LOVES to be ridden, but hates to be groomed or touched in general

while Regalo LOVES to be groomed, and loved on, but he doesn’t like to be ridden

I know……….we’re like the island for misfit animals

one way you can tell them apart, besides getting bitten is, Regalo’s forelock (the long mane hair that falls down over his forehead) is a good bit longer than Cisco’s

here they are in the pasture

I always like to think they are happy to see me, but I know they’re looking to see if I have any pears or apples with me

can you tell which one is which?

the good, the bad, and the pretty

Cisco giving Sissy a ride

I love my chaps, I would wear them all the time if I could

Jazz is the leader of the herd

every morning we’re greeted by hungry horses

Jazz makes it clear that he’s eating first

Jazz is my niece’s horse

he’s perfect in every way………he has no issues

I think I’m beginning to see a pattern here……….oh, well…..I’ll be like Miss Scarlet and I’ll think about that another day……as for today

I’ve gotta go clean stalls and try to avoid getting my arm chewed off

see ya,

the wanna be country girl – Caroline

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4 Responses to our four legged cast of characters contiued…..

  1. countrygal says:

    I love your horses, the pics are fab Caroline :-)

    The Wanna Be Country Girl Reply:

    Thank you Countrygal! So glad you stopped in.

  2. Jeanniejayne says:

    Found your site via BY and am baking your chocolate cake at this very moment! I also have a long, skinny kitteh who is a rescue — actually she adopted me in my driveway where some a—hole dropped her and her littermates. I was her human, she made it very clear. And so I am. We adore her, although she is a terror…. and a joy! Enjoying your site very much, and envying you your horses!
    JJ in Delaware

  3. I love the pictures. And I love horses. They bring back lots of memories of when I was a kid, and being on my Aunt and Uncles ranch. Up in the rockies, near Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

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