Mourning Doves

We worked in the yard all weekend long, and we weren’t the only ones.

A pair of mourning doves has decided to nest right outside our kitchen window, giving us a front row seat.

They are just beyond the bird feeder and just a few feet from the deck.

They both have a bright blue ring around their eyes. I know they’re really common birds, but I think they are just beautiful, and their song is so peaceful. They have sung to each other all weekend.

I noticed that they don’t make a sound as long as they are together on the branch, but when he flies up to the branch just above her, they sing back and forth to each other. So sweet.

I can’t wait until she lays her eggs. I’ll keep you posted on their little family.

thanks for checking in,


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2 Responses to Mourning Doves

  1. GOM says:

    How lucky your are to have all the wonderful wildlife for you and your family to enjoy.
    I would love to trade you a bushel of chip monks for a pair of song birds.
    Keep us up to date on them as the Spring progresses. I wish you great success with your gardening. Best, gom

  2. JP says:

    Oh, Caroline, I LOVED it when we had a nest of doves when I lived at the Hollow!

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