today’s post is,… you guessed it, a little bit spooky,…..I’ve got monsters, hoarding, arsenic and “The Real Housewives of Anywhere!” Proceed with caution……………

Tilly and I are tired

my husband and I made the fatal mistake of watching an awful show last night called “Monsters inside me”

yea, you know what that means……….parasites

I’m not going into great detail partly because some of my blog is cooking and I don’t want you to lose the will to eat

but mostly because I can’t stand to think about it

the episode involved contracting hook worms on PURPOSE!!!! to fight allergies

uhhhhhhhhhh, Zyrtec would have been my choice

apparently to contract hook worms you have to put your feet in some infested…………OK, I’m gonna stop now

so all last night I was fighting hook worms in my sleep

I don’t know why Tilly is so tired. I hope she doesn’t have any “real” monsters inside her…….OK, that just gave me a chill

I think that little black spot on her foot might have just moved




I really don’t like the word “gorgonzola”….I don’t even think I like the way it tastes

it sounds like something you might need antibiotics and maybe even a little arsenic to get rid of




I’ve said in the past my husband was the only thing keeping me from ending up on an episode of “Hoarders”

when I said that I was talking about animals…………awww, that makes me want to see when the next adoption day is at Petco

OK,………sorry, I’m back now

I started to bake something yesterday and I discovered another obsession of mine

baking products

those Clabber girl containers just call my name in the store – I have no excuse for the Calumet cans, I don’t really even like the way they look……………..I’ve got issues




I dug out my old hot rollers today and curled my hair

I just knew with my new  sassy hair cut  if I curled it, it would look just like this………..

remember I have that problem, and in my mind I really did think it would look just like this

it didn’t………..

it looked more like this

now I remember why my hot rollers were put away in the first place




I don’t think I’m gonna make till the new season of “Mad Men” starts

at least I’ve got a  DVR full of

“The real house wives of anywhere”

“Top Chef”

“Project Runway”

and “Monsters Inside Me” …………yes, I said it , I’m HOOKED

see ya later,

the wanna be country girl – Caroline

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3 Responses to Monsters………yuck!

  1. JP you’re right. She better not have any monsters inside her. She’s been wormed 3 time now. I think she’s tired because she spends all night every night remodeling our basement,… least that’s what it sounds like! The hernia story you just told brought Alien to mind. It’s been years since I saw that thing jump out of that mans stomach, but I remember it like it was yesterday!
    talk to you soon,
    the wanna be country girl – Caroline

  2. JP says:

    Cats are supposed to sleep during the day…they’re nocturnal…Tilly has NO critters inside her. Funny, though, I just told a friend of mine to get his hernia taken care of because it might just be a critter trying to come out through his belly button!…:)JP

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