Millie went missing

Five nights ago, when Billy and I went down to shut the coop door, we noticed our beloved mother hen was missing. For Millie not to be there, on the roost and fast asleep at bedtime was very unusual.

I of course was upset, and spent the next two hours looking all over our property for her or at least some sign of what had happened to her.

Every Spring Millie becomes broody and wants to hatch eggs. So far every Spring including this one, she’s gotten her way.

This morning Manny stepped foot outside and turned back around and yelled “Millie’s back!” I ran out and sure enough, there she was all fluffy and beautiful as if she had never been missing.

We’ve had some really stormy weather the last few days and nights, so I could tell by looking at her that she had been on the lam somewhere under cover. She ate like she was starving, drank like she was dying of thirst then turned around and made a bee-line up to the horse barn.

I recognized her frantic gait anywhere. She was a broody hen headed back to eggs.

There she is…plain as day. ¬†What, can’t see her? Either could I the first 50 times I drove by there looking for her.

You’re getting warmer.

“Millie, how could you.”

She has sixteen perfect, toasty little eggs under her.

So what should I do? I know I don’t want sixteen more chickens, and we just went through this. Back in March she hatched six chicks. I guess the new chick smell’s worn off them and she needs some new ones.

And Henry, our resident muppet would be the father. I’m just not sure that black and orange would go together. What in the world would their off-spring look like.

But, I do have to admit I love it when Millie is sitting on eggs. The anticipation of hatch day is something we enjoy as a family.

So should I bite the bullet, set up the brooding closet again and let her hatch three or four?

She can’t stay up in the horse barn. One raccoon wandering by would mean curtains for Millie and her eggs.

Why not, we’ll go on this adventure together.

Between you and me, I think the chicks are going to be bowling shoe ugly. Good thing they will have a mother that will love them no matter what.

I’ll keep you updated.

the wanna be country girl – Caroline

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3 Responses to Millie went missing

  1. Melissa says:

    Oh Caroline,
    They will be gorgeous, look at the parents :) Oh, please keep us posted. What an adorable post :)

  2. Joy says:

    You know…chicken math and all that. :)

  3. JP says:

    “bowling shoe ugly”???? They’re going to be ADORABLE!!!…:)JP

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