Millie and her brood, part 7…they grow up so fast

Remember those cute little fuzz-balls?

I was right, we did end up with two males and four females.  The big grey one I knew was a male the minute I set eyes on him, but it was a few days before the dark roo revealed himself.

See him there, with the bright red comb?

And you remember little Blackberry with her giant centipede.

She’s growing up too.

I love her puffy cheeks. She’s the one that will lay beautiful blue eggs. I can’t wait until she lays her first one, and of course I’ll show it to you.

This is what happened when I let everyone out to free range this morning.
I couldn’t believe my eyes or ears. He’s too young to start crowing, if you can call that crowing?

Apparently he didn’t get the memo.

Oh, and I guess I’m going to have to change the title of these posts from now on, because Millie has officially cut her brood loose.

During the day she spends her time now with her grown up friends and never even looks in the direction of her babies. At night instead of staying in the brooding closet with them, she has spent the last week on the roost with her friends.

Nature’s so interesting. No less than two weeks ago she would have given her life to protect her little ones, and now she can’t even be bothered to stay on the ground with them at night.

If only it were that easy for humans. I think Billy’s got a private room waiting for me at Bellevue when our little ones go off to college. Either that, or that trip to France we’ve always wanted to take.

Whether it’s chicks or children, in my opinion, they all grow up way too fast.

the wanna be country girl – Caroline

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3 Responses to Millie and her brood, part 7…they grow up so fast

  1. gom says:

    I’ll bet it wont be long before Henry feels crowded. gom

  2. Ali says:

    Beautiful! I can’t wait to see those blue eggs!

  3. JP says:

    They do grow up too fast…all while we are still in the process of growing too!

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