Meet Charlie

He’s over his pneumonia and he’s unruly. Literally, he’s not into following rules.

He’s wild, but sweet. Gone are they days when he was on death’s door, wrapped up in a blanket in my arms all day long, oh to have those days back again. He still takes long naps, but when he’s awake, he’s full tilt.

I know you know from my past posts that I’m not a cat loving person, but Charlie’s different. He’s brilliant!

He’s even learning French…….

although I think he might need glasses.

And Charlie’s on the cutting edge of fashion.

He’ll be the perfect Halloween accessory!

and best of all when attacked, the kids love yelling out in their best British accent, “Charlie bit me, Charlie that really hurts.” Just in case you haven’t seen the real Charlie in action, check it out, but watch until the end. The look on Charlie’s face is just the best.


gotta go someone’s chewing the lamp cord…what did I tell you, brilliant just brilliant!

~ Caroline

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2 Responses to Meet Charlie

  1. Beautiful post of a brilliant kitty!
    lauren Scheuer recently posted..MicrocosmMy Profile

  2. Melynda says:

    My girls love that youtube clip, too! They are always saying, “Chaaa-lie bit me!”

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