Martha Stewart’s Cooking School

This weekend we headed up to our cabin in the North Georgia mountains, and right before we left I grabbed a book I had been meaning to take a look at.

I picked this book up a while back at Ross $9.99.

Just like the cover promises, there are tons of recipes, but the techniques are what interested me most.

Cutting up a whole chicken can be daunting, and I certainly butchered my fair share before figuring out through trial and error the best way to do it.

I wish I had this book back then.

I’ve never had the occasion to French a rack of lamb, but if I do, I’ll have step by step directions to follow.

And the ingredients for this pancetta wrapped roasted pork loin are going on my next shopping list. Yum!

As you would expect, the photos are beautiful and the recipes lovely, if not a little fussy at times, but I really enjoyed spending time flipping through the pages and learning a thing or two.

If you don’t have a local Ross store, but would still like a copy, I found some on Amazon.

Thanks for checking in!

the wanna be country girl – Caroline

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One Response to Martha Stewart’s Cooking School

  1. JP says:

    Caroline, I, too, could have used her along with her instructions!!! When I think back about all the screwy things I did in the kitchen!

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