Just call me Mrs. McGregor

While we were on vacation, our garden suffered a break-in. The peppers were untouched.

The cucumbers happily hung in there.

And the watermelon was still round and perfect when we came home.

The sweet potato plants were another story all together. When we left this raised bed was over-flowing with bright green healthy leaves.

We wondered what could have caused such destruction.

The walk ways in the garden are sand, and there were no deer hoof prints to be found.

Then we found another clue. This poor pitiful plant was a climbing green bean.

Almost all of the pole beans were wilted and dying.

Upon closer inspection, we could see that the green beans had been severed at about 12 inches from the ground.

So, then we knew for sure that deer weren’t jumping the fence and eating the veg. What could it be? What voracious night-time eater can only reach about 12 inches high?

The next morning at 5am I shined a flashlight down in the garden, and there it was. A gardeners greatest foe…the rabbit! And the thing is, it wasn’t a well rounded, healthy specimen like you would expect after all that eating. It was sort of scrawny.

I watch it exit the garden and we filled the small ditch it had dug under the fence with a rock.

The most puzzling thing about this whole situations is…

the romaine lettuce was untouched. I’m mean I’m glad, but I thought rabbits loved lettuce? You learn something new everyday.

~ Caroline

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3 Responses to Just call me Mrs. McGregor

  1. Your garden is lovely, I would be in there eating too!! I can’t imagine trying to grow much here as we have to much wild life.

  2. White says:

    You have my sympathy. Just “patching up” that hole with a rock does not sound like a permanent, secure solution. I’m sure you must have some other strategy in mind.

    Lettuce is probably too “light”… it prefers something more substantial, “more filling”. Things is, lettuce would likely survive the attacks… chewed-off bean stalks won’t. But the rest of the garden looks great!

  3. J P says:

    AWESOME….can’t wait for us to plant a garden next year! …:)JP
    J P recently posted..Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

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