It happened again

I noticed my hens weren’t laying their usual amount of eggs.

I decided to walk around the farm to some of their favorite hidden nest sites.


A perfect hidden nest.

I thought that since I was already dealing with the chickens, and I had the time, why not just go ahead and clean out the coop.

Then it happened. I went in the coop to get my large, thick trash bag that I use to bring shavings down from the stables and when I lifted the trash-bag from the steel container I keep it in, there it was…..

I called for back-up and at least had the where with all to catch all the action on video. Sorry I didn’t have the sense to turn the phone to the side to get a wider shot.

Viewer discretion is advised


I added music because the sound of my own terrified voice was driving me crazy, not to mention, any self-respecting snake wrangling video deserves its own soundtrack.



~ Caroline


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4 Responses to It happened again

  1. Ted says:

    Awesome, what kind of snake was that?

    The Wanna Be Country Girl Reply:

    It was a grey rat snake Ted. We removed 3 from the coop this Summer and they were all 3 grey rat snakes. Apparently they love eggs. We found on actually in the process of eating an egg. They never bother the chickens though, thank goodness. At least the chickens never said so ;)

  2. Oh Yes the best way to catch a snake is to have a bag,burlap,or any material to hide and keep warm in. I didn’t know this and had stored several burlap feed sacks from our churches sack race in my shed. Well my yard was suddenly loaded with snakes and I had no idea why! Jorge my yard guy said it’s those sacks you have in the shed,Jorge happily removed the sacks and after a few weeks the snakes moved onto greener sheds.
    Sherry McCall recently posted..How was your weekend?My Profile

  3. Rebecca says:

    Great post! Beautiful nest of eggs :) Loved the snake video– too funny :)
    Rebecca recently posted..Community Chickens Post!My Profile

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