Irish Cream Coffee

So delicious words can hardly do it justice. Treat yourself to this creamy, over the top coffee……….because you deserve it. You made it through another Christmas and everyone was happy and well fed in no small part because of your efforts. Cuddle up with your favorite book or Kindle (if you’re lucky enough to have one) and enjoy every last sip……’s good to the last drop. This would be perfect served in the wee hours of a New Years Eve party…….a little coffee blast with a twist.

start with 1 – 1/4 cups of heavy whipping cream

then add 1/4 cup of sugar…………I know, I didn’t say it was low sugar-low fat…….you’re treating yourself………..go with it

start whipping

until very soft peaks for………you want this to almost be pourable and definitely drinkable

now’s where you can get creative

crush up any hard candy you think you might like on top or grate some chocolate to sprinkle on top

they never knew what hit them


next add 2 tablespoons of Bailey’s Irish Cream to each wine glass

then fill the glasses with coffee to about 1 – 1/2 inches from the top

spoon on your whipped cream

and sprinkle on the topping of your choice

I’m off to have seconds

see ya tomorrow,

the wanna be country girl – Caroline

If you would like to print this recipe, just scroll down to the green print friendly button. You can print it without the photos by selecting the remove images box in the upper right corner.

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2 Responses to Irish Cream Coffee

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JP!!!!!!!!!!!!! and yes you can use cool whip. I’ve got my fingers crossed that Joe comes up with some Bailey’s………….it’s not bad with bourbon either. I hope you have a wonderful Birthday evening dear friend.
    Much Love,
    the wanna be country girl – Caroline

  2. JP says:

    Caroline, oh Caroline…I just asked Joe if we had any Bailey’s…response we might…can I use Cool Whip if I’m desperate tonight? After all it is my birthday!!! …:)JP

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