I’m truly Thankful

I’ve been off the blog for a while. My father needed me. He fell down the last few stairs in he and my mother’s home on October 18th and hit his head. We spent almost two weeks in the ICU at our local, wonderful hospital, and with lots of prayers, kind and careful doctors and love and attention from his family, he’s well on the mend.

Thank you for your kind comments letting me know I was missed, you have no idea how nice it was you noticed my absence. I checked in often on the blog from my ipad late at night when things settled a bit, but really haven’t set foot in my kitchen to cook, much less take photos. I’ll be back soon, promise.

So, this Thanksgiving more than any I can remember, I’m thankful for one┬áparticular┬áthing…my father.

Thanks for being patient with me dear readers, I’ll be up and running in no time at all.



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3 Responses to I’m truly Thankful

  1. Heather says:

    I know it’s been a stressful time, so we can all only hope that everything continued to go well, and your family time has been relaxing and joyful. I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas!

    The Wanna Be Country Girl Reply:

    Heather you’re so sweet to leave such a thoughtful comment. It has been the most stressful time I can ever remember. My father is improving slowly, and in the mean time Billy ruptured a disk in his back. Were looking at surgery for him after Christmas and or son has had the flu. Sounds like a country song, doesn’t it? Needless to say I haven’t been in my kitchen much lately. Thank goodness for the panini press. All the sudden sandwiches become a hot meal.
    Thanks for checking in and Merry Christmas to you too!!!

  2. Audrey says:

    Hope you had a holiday full of wonderful family time. Looking forward to your return.

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