I love Pinterest!!!

To me, Pinterest equals inspiration.

For the past week, we’ve been having rainy days and nights. That, plus warm temperatures, have made the tree frogs sing their spring time songs. I hope they realize spring isn’t actually here yet.

All that singing and warm weather has made me start thinking about my vegetable garden. Of course it’s empty and it would be pointless to plant anything, but that doesn’t keep me from planning. And part of that planning includes replacing the temporary fence around the garden with a permanent solution to keeping dogs and chickens out.

This is a picture of our garden from this past spring. We weren’t sure it was going to get enough sun in this location, so we hated to invest in a permanent fence. That’s why you see it surrounded by a combination of leaning chicken wire and field fencing. The garden did very well in this location, and we loved having it just a few steps from the back door, so this winter we are going to replace this fencing with something that looks nice. I just can’t decide what kind of fencing. I know I love thew way picket fence looks, but I know I don’t want to paint it every year. I needed some inspiration.

And when I want inspiration I turn to pinterest.

Source: bhg.com via the wanna be country girl on Pinterest

I love this little garden tucked away. To me, it looks like it might be in France. Beautiful, but my chickens would annihilate it less than 30 minutes. I definitely need a fence.

Source: thisoldhouse.com the wanna be country girl on Pinterest via  Amy Stubblefield

This is my style. And almost chicken proof, I think they would squeeze their fluffy round bodies under that fence at the first sign of a red tomato or strawberry. I could easily lower the bottom rail to put a stop to that.

I really thought I had my heart set on a three-rail fence with metal field fencing inside, but I like the open look of just having a top and bottom rail.

Another reason to love Pinterest. It might just save you some money.

Thanks for stopping by!

the wanna be country girl – Caroline



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3 Responses to I love Pinterest!!!

  1. bellajewels says:

    Beautiful!!!! Your garden is a gorgeous as your inspiration!!!

    The Wanna Be Country Girl Reply:

    Thanks!! We love it, and there’s nothing better than walking out the back door to get fresh veg and herbs for dinner :) I can’t wait to have my first legit winter garden.

  2. It’s been raining a lot here in Pennsylvania too but I don’t get to hear tree frogs…jealous!! I love the second fence too, it’s so nice and open. You’ll be able to enjoy how pretty your garden is even when you’re not actually in it.

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