How was your weekend?

Mine went a little like this…..

After almost four hours of physical therapy, gravity got the best of Dad, and Mom, being Mom, tried to stop him from falling by making herself a human barrier between Dad and the ground.

Good news is it worked, Dad wasn’t injured. Bad news is, after 6 hours in the ER the doctor told us what Mom already knew….her collar bone wasn’t quite strong enough to take on the body weight of both she and Dad and it decided to break clean in two.

Then, Sunday morning both Manny and Little Bit woke feeling just awful. Fever, coughing and just awful in general.

It was nice to have a help around the house this weekend. Billy being the wonderful husband and father he is, helped make meals and kept things running as smoothly as possible.

And Charlie, sweet Charlie, he helped with the laundry.

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3 Responses to How was your weekend?

  1. Oh, dear, Caroline, you have had your hands full…be sure to wash them so you don’t get sick and give it to your Mom…poor thing!…:)JP

  2. Kimberly says:

    Oh Caroline! You have your hands full. At lease Charlie gives comedic relief…thanks for sharing:)

  3. jojo says:

    LOL! At least he didn’t flush! My cousin’s cat sits on the toilet lid and scratches at the handle until the toilet flushes. First time it happened, it really creeped her out as she knew she was alone in the house when she heard the toilet flush!
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