Hash-brown casserole

This hash-brown casserole is the perfect side dish. I served it last night with my chicken pot pie to a crowd. It’s cheesy comfort food at its best. The parmesan gives it a tangy flavor, and best of all it’s really easy to fix. Its got five ingredients you mix together and pop it in the oven.

Start out by adding 1 – 32 ounce bag of hash-browns to a large mixing bowl.

Next add 2 – 10 3/4 ounce cans of cream of potato soup.

Followed by 16 ounces of sour cream.

Now comes the cheesy part. Toss in 2 cups of sharp cheddar cheese.

And 1 cup of fresh grated parmesan cheese.

Next add a good-sized pinch of salt and pepper, and that’s it. Mix it until combined.

Put the mixture into a buttered Pyrex. Don’t smooth out the surface, you want it to be messy and a little jagged on top. All those peaks will brown and get crunchy.

Run this wonderful concoction into a pre-heated oven at 350′ for 1 hour

See…..brown and crunchy. Sorry, I’m hungry while I’m writing this. I wish I had some left over, but I don’t….not even a spoonful.

You may wonder why I’ve taken such a close-up picture.

It’s because I almost forgot to take a photo at all. I sat it down and our guests started moving through the buffet. It wasn’t until someone said, “you have to share the potato recipe with me” that I realized what I had done. So here it is.


the wanna be country girl – Caroline



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  1. Monica says:

    Hi, just wanted to let you know that I made this for an office potluck a few months ago. I was away from my desk when the food was served and when I returned to my desk a few hours later my office mates had printed out a sign that said “We love your hashbrown casserole!” and they had all signed it!! Haha.

  2. Deb says:

    I just wanted to write back and say that I 100% agree!! I served it room temp and it was just as popular as ever. This is now one of my go-to recipes for anything from large family dinners to tailgating this Sunday!

  3. Grace Gaige says:

    I may make it next weekend for my church potluck.

  4. Jill says:

    This looks delish! We’re having a little get together soon and I’m doing the buffet so will definitely add this one to my list of dishes.

  5. Kim says:

    Making these for are Mother’s Day Picnic!!!! Hoping they will be awesome!

  6. Deb says:

    I made this for a group of friends and they went crazy for it! We’re talking scraping the last bits off the sides of the pan crazy, so thank you for the recipe! I was thinking of making it for a cook-out this Saturday but it would be a couple hours between oven to serving time. I also might have to serve it room temperature. Any thoughts about how it might do?

  7. KD says:

    This looks delicious, but that would be bad for me if it was served to me. I would end up getting a huge serving of this and probably eat most of it before I started to have a reaction to the soy in the cream of potato soup. I dont know why but campbell’s puts soy protein in all of their soup (except tomato). You should try a version of it with a substitute for the soup, never know when a guest might have an allergy.

  8. Jourdan says:

    A variation of this is my guilty pleasure breakfast item, mix in a slice of crispy bacon in my own bowl and I am in heaven! Its always made on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and my birthday mornings.

  9. Katy says:

    These look yummy! I love potatoes and this is another good way to enjoy them. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Brandon says:

    Caroline, I’ve done the same thing with my blog where I forget to take a photo of the finished product! I actually just did it tonight with Beef Wellington, it happens all the time, but I like your fix! Great entry!

    Twitter @theyummybits

  11. Leslie says:

    I just stumbled upon this recipe and it is now saved in my favorites- as is your website! Love easy recipes that will keep my boyfriend (whose stomach is never full) happy! Thanks!

  12. Reagan says:

    I make one similar to this, but I use cream of chicken soup and then we mix melted butter w/a few cup fulls of corn flakes, cover w/foil and bake. About 10mins before you’re ready to eat it take off the foil and allow the cornflakes to get nice and crispy. Sometimes I turn the broiler on them real fast.

    Just wanted to throw that out there! 😀

  13. pat watters says:

    I’m heading to a family brunch in a little while and have a batch baking in my oven now!!

  14. Heather says:

    We use mushroom soup instead and my grandma 10 minutes before it’s done takes it out and puts shredded cheese on the top….so cheesy and yummy

  15. charles says:

    congratulations! you’ve created Cracker Barrel’s Hashbrown Casserole! i know, i once cooked there. pretty tasty.

  16. Halley says:

    My family mixes crushed cornflakes and butter and puts that all over the top before they bake it… it adds texture. SO GOOD.

  17. Rachael says:

    oops I meant 2lb tater tots!

  18. Rachael says:

    We make this but we use 1lb tater tots instead of hash-browns, it gives you a little more crunch from the skin of the tater tots(: (In my house this is referred to as oh baby casserole)

  19. Meghann says:

    this is exactly how my mom has made it for years 😀

  20. This looks soooo good. Definitely making this tomorrow for my dorm’s comfort food potluck 🙂

  21. Melinda Briell says:

    Mmmm! Looks delicious! I think adding chopped up leftover ham or crumbled bacon would be good!

  22. jenjenk says:

    Big fan of casseroles for breakfast – so fast & easy!! perfect for brunches!!!!

  23. Megan says:

    I forgot to come back and say how it went! It was GREAT! My mother almost never likes anything I make and she was like “eww you’re putting sour cream? PARMESAN?” while I was in the middle of making it, but she ended up loving it! I didn’t even need to make anything else, my parents and fiance just wanted it. Also, very surprising, my dad asked me to make it again next week. Every new recipe I try, he has never asked me to make again! Thank you for this recipe! Haha. (:

  24. Lara M. says:

    I love this recipe! They are sooo good! I use the same recipe except I use Cream of Celery Soup which gives it a wonderful touch of flavor!!!

  25. I love the casserole! I love it!

  26. Megan Daniels says:

    This looks delicious! I’m going to try it tonight while pancakes and eggs :p I bought a frozen bag of hashbrown, so should it be thawed outbefore you mix and bake?

    • Hi Megan,
      I mix them up still frozen stiff. No need at all to wait form them to thaw. As a matter of fact, I like them still frozen, because the shredded potatoes don’t get as broken up while mixing if they are still stiff.
      Enjoy! and let me know how they turn out.

  27. Rebecca says:

    I make this, but with cubed ham and crushed corn flakes on top. In Minnesota we call it Hash brown – Ham hotdish
    Hash brown – Ham hotdish
    16 oz sour cream
    1 can (103/4 oz) condensed cream of chicken soup
    32 oz package frozen loose-packed hashbrowns
    2 cups cubed ham
    8 oz American or cheddar cheese, cubed (about 2 cups)
    1/4 cup chopped onion
    2 cups crushed cornflakes (4 cups before crushing)
    1/2 cup butter or margarine, softened
    1 cup shredded mozarella

    In large mixing bowl, combine sour cream and condensed soup. Stir in hashbrowns, ham, American or cheddar cheese, and onion. Turn mixture into cake pan (13x9x2), spreading evenly. Combine cornflakes with softened margarine and sprinkle over top of hashbrown mixture.
    bake in 350 degree oven for 30 minutes.
    Sprinkle with mozarella cheese and return to oven. Bake for an additional 20 to 25 minutes or until bubbly around edges and heated through.
    You could easily half this recipe and bake in a smaller square baking dish.
    Another option would be to use a soft cheese like velvetta instead of American or cheddar.

  28. Sierra McIntosh says:

    made this for my family, everyone loved it.

  29. Michelle says:

    Wow… that looks absolutely delicious, and even better, it looks EASY! Easy is my favorite. I am going to have to try it. Only I can see myself eating the lot as a main dish, never mind a small serving as a side!

  30. Annicka says:

    Where I come from we call these “funeral potatoes” because they’re served at funerals and wakes. I put in bacon, smoked paprika, and use cream of chicken instead of cr. of potato.
    Also, to make a crunchy topping, crush 2 cups of corn flakes and combine with one stick softened butter. Sprinkle on top before you bake.

  31. Katie says:

    My mom makes this also only she’ll throw it into the crock pot for a potluck or even at home so we don’t have to turn on the oven if it’s a hot day. We especially like this when we have steaks on the grill! This is a super delicious recipe! 🙂

  32. Crystal says:

    Made this tonight. Delicious! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  33. tina says:

    My mom makes something similar to this, but instead of Cream of Potato she uses Cream of Celery and she adds 2 small cans of diced green chiles! It’s soooo good!

  34. Molly says:

    My mom always makes this for the family get together on Thanksgiving, and since I don’t like turkey or ham, there’s always a giant mound of this stuff on my plate. Delish!

  35. Amanda says:

    My family only eats these after a funeral too. Such a waste of a great recipe!

  36. Brittany says:

    Are the shredded potatoes frozen or did you thaw them out?

  37. Monica says:

    Ah, this looks so delicious! I need to make it asap!

  38. NDDugas says:

    I know a very similar recipe to this. The things I do differently are as follows:

    1. 1 can Cream of Chicken soup rather than 2 cans cream of potato

    2. 3/4 cup melted butter or margarine (salted is best for this recipe)

    3. Doesn’t have parmesan (though I’m sure that would be tasty)

    4. Chopped chives (I just guesstimate since they aren’t too strong in flavor; though it’s probably about 2-3 tbsp worth)

    5. Topped with crushed corn flakes mixed with 3/4 cup melted butter or margarine

    I mix the sour cream, cream of chicken, melted butter/margarine, chives, and black pepper together, then add the hash brown potatoes and cheese to the mixture and mix that all up. Then I top it with the corn flake mixture and bake it covered for 30 minutes and uncovered for another 30 minutes at 350 degrees F.

  39. Anne says:

    I love these as well, and of course there is a variation, my family uses cream of celery AND cream of potatoe soup to make it. I don’t make it often, but when I do, it goes fast!! Thanks for sharing and reminding me I need to make them again soon!

  40. These look very mouthwatering. May I suggest adding bacon bits to make it taste even greater.

  41. elesel says:

    funeral potatoes. i looove these!

  42. Jonee says:

    If you’d like to try a recipe with more natural ingredients, I happily recommend the following, for your consideration:


  43. Ben says:

    You should add bacon, it would make this the best thing ever

  44. Cathy Van Kuren says:

    oh wow, that sounds fantastic…………trying it this week.

  45. Debbie says:

    What temp should the oven be on and how long does it need to cook?

    • Ohhh Debbie,
      Thank you so much for pointing out that in my carb loaded stupor from eating this delicious potato dish, I plum forgot to add the temp and time. And that’s kinda important, isn’t it? I’ve added it to the recipe so everyone else can benefit from your careful reading. Cook it in a pre-heated oven at 350′ for 1 hour.
      Enjoy, and thanks again!

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