Finishing our basement #3

We’ve made a little more progress since the last time I updated you. The columns are in and stained, and we’ve placed some of the furniture. We watched a movie here last night and it was really nice on the ‘big’ TV.

That’s right, the men of our house got their way, and there is now a big TV over the fireplace. The man who does our rock work is here this morning, and he’s starting on the hearth. We’re going to have a rock hearth, but the bottom of the columns, at least for now, are not going to be rocked. Because we’re doing the basement project with as much of the left-over materials from building the house, we really won’t have enough rock without buying more. I don’t know if I’ll really ever want them rocked, I like them just as they are….what movie is that from?

I couldn’t be happier with the way the coffee table turned out. It’s the perfect size, and the baskets underneath will give us added storage.

The men hung the kitchen cabinets, and once again, they are cabinets we’ve had stored in the basement for years, so we figured why not use them. I don’t just love the color, and we really wanted to paint them the grey/green color of the trim in the room, but the test areas we painted really aren’t holding the paint well, so we’ll leave them painted cream and maybe add a glaze. We’re planning on adding a stained wooden counter tops to the cabinets, and Billy’s going to build an island with a durable counter top of some sort. We’re still undecided which counter top to use on the island. We’re considering concrete, stainless steel or granite.

I found an island that I like at one of my favorite stores, but since it costs about the same as a small car, Billy will build one for a fraction of the cost.

I do like the way the storage is set up, but we’ve got our heart set on a pull-out cabinet front trashcan like we have in our kitchen upstairs, so it won’t look exactly like this.

My mother and father gave me this beautiful rooster painting for my birthday yesterday, and I have the perfect place to hang it. It came from the same store where the island is, and I love the pop of red it brings the room, plus, I am the chicken woman!

Thanks for checking in on our progress,

the wanna be country girl – Caroline

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One Response to Finishing our basement #3

  1. Debbie says:

    Happy belated birthday!!! The basement looks great! I completely love those wide-plank wood floors. I also LOVE the island idea. We had concrete countertops at our last place. I liked the look, but they needed to be resealed. The granite here cleans up a little better, although someday I’d like to get a different color.

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