Chi tea infused pear with cream, honey and almonds

I’ve been on a bit of a chi tea jag lately. The afternoons are cooler and I have a cup almost every afternoon. So I started thinking what could I cook with chi tea, and considering our pear tree is still full of fruit, I decided why not chi infused pears.

They were so easy to make and the spicy tea flavors are off-set perfectly by the cream and sweet honey.

Start by peeling your pears. I like to leave the stem intact, so I leave a little peel around the base of the stem to help keep it secure.

I covered the pears with about an inch of water.

Next add the sugar and tea bags.

Poach the pears for about 30 minutes, or until tender. Once the pears reach the firm, but tender stage, I turn off the heat and allow them to sit in the tea mixture for about an hour. You can leave them in over night in the fridge if you like yours really chi flavored.

Slice in half and remove the seeds and pithy center.

Add a dollop of soft whipped cream and a drizzle of honey.

For the last flourish, add some toasted nuts and one more drizzle of honey.

I served them chilled, but they’re great room temp or even warm.



Here’s what you’ll need:

3 pears

water, about 6 cups

1/2 cup sugar

5 chi tea bags

1/2 cup cream, whipped with 4 tablespoons powdered sugar

1  1/2 table spoons honey

1/4 cup of toasted nuts (toasted at 350′ for about 10 minutes or until toasty brown)



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One Response to Chi tea infused pear with cream, honey and almonds

  1. Michael Coulthurst says:

    Just a line to say am sure that I am not the only one sorry that you have not posted in a while.

    Missing your great take on a wide choice of really interesting dishes

    Hope all is well with you and you will be posting again soon

    With best wishes


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