Cats know nothing about fashion…..


This weekend Charlie was in the playroom and he found a sweater that belongs to one of the stuffed bears. He brought it downstairs, and since he decided not to plunge it into the toilet (story for another day) I decided it must mean he wants to wear it.

Charlie’s a cool cat.


He even likes to ride in the car when I take the kids to school, so being cool and stylish go hand in hand..right?


Doesn’t he look just precious?


No sooner had the word precious left my mouth, when he looked down and realized he was in-fact wearing the sweater.

Interestingly, I had this same scenario unfold with our son not more than a week ago. Something about a male, a sweater and their mother thinking they look precious makes them want to get out of said sweater as fast as possible.


See what I mean?


It didn’t take long and he succumbed to his fate as an adorable Gloucester fisherman  look-alike.


And then he heard footsteps..


and his mommy saved him.


Cats know nothing about fashion.

~ Caroline



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3 Responses to Cats know nothing about fashion…..

  1. Veronica says:

    LOL…you’re right about male children and cats wanting out of anything even remotely cute on them. Turn you back for a split second, their out of it and gone from your sight!
    Veronica recently posted..Funny Cat Videos 01/14/13My Profile

  2. How in heavens name did you get it on him? Any cat I’ve ever had would never have succumbed to such a fate!
    JP @ A Quiet Corner recently posted..Winter~Barn Charm # 35My Profile

    The Wanna Be Country Girl Reply:

    It wasn’t easy JP, but somebody had to do it. :)

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