BigLots Burt

A few days before we went to the beach for vacation, I headed over to our local BigLots store to see if they had any of the beach chairs we like. I pulled into the parking lot right at opening time and from the corner of my eye I spotted what looked like a rolled up shirt laying on the asphalt. The closer I got I could see it was a small curled up cat, and it wasn’t moving, even though I was very close to it with the car engine running.


When I walked over to get a closer look I could see it was breathing shallow breaths, and was unconscious. He had blood coming from his nose and mouth and I was sure he would have passed by the time I got back, but I ran into the store and asked if they had a box I could have and they were so nice. They gave me a box with a lid and even a pair of rubber coated gardening gloves to pick the poor little guy up with.

I took him to the vet and although he didn’t have any broken bones, he had extensive internal bleeding. My vet’s best guess was that he had been kicked in his abdomen. He stayed with the vet for a week and slowly healed. He was so underweight that he gained almost two pounds in one week. I told myself I’d find him a home, that he could not stay here…I’m not a cat person, I’m a dog person.

So I guess by now you’ve figured out how this story ends. Without further adieu, meet Burt.

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He’s the cuddliest, sweetest, most grateful little animal ever. I swear he knows he’s been saved and he’s happy about it! If a cat could smile, his would be ear to ear.

Fresh corn polenta with brown butter shrimp 057

Billy and I think the vet’s guess about how he ended up with his injuries must be correct. It’s taken weeks, but Burt has just now stopped running from the room when Billy walks through. He was absolutely terrified of Billy’s feet in motion. If Billy was laying on the floor Burt was all over him, but the minute he started to walk away, Burt ran for cover.

IMG_1981 He’s laying here beside me while I write this post, and is almost always beside me, he’s such a sweet little soul. I guess I officially have quit saying “I’m not a cat person.”

I suppose it was inevitable, between my favorite gardening hat with the huge rip in it, and all the cats, dogs, horses, guinea pigs and chickens running around here, I guess I am turning into an eccentric Southern lady…and I’m O.K. with that. Now if I can just avoid ending up on an episode of hoarders, I’ll be good.




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9 Responses to BigLots Burt

  1. Debra Flanagan says:

    What a kind and caring person you are. God puts these kinds of situations in our paths to teach us and others how to love Him. God bless you.

    The Wanna Be Country Girl Reply:

    What a sweet message Debra. And yes, I do feel we were meant to find him. I just hope we’re not meant to find any others anytime soon. Our house runneth over. :)

  2. Meredith says:

    Caroline, Burt is beautiful! Orange kitties are extra special. It’s wonderful that you are giving him such a wonderful, loving home.
    Your photos are terrific!!

  3. Julie says:

    My husband and I have always been dog lovers, usually having at least 4 dogs running around our house and property. One day, we happened to go to a long term storage barn, and there, a kitten has managed to drop into a hole that was mostly covered by a board. His mama apparently moved on with her other kittens because she was no where to be found. Not at all happy about having this new charge, we took him to the vet to find he only weighed 3 oz. Long story short, I bottle fed him, much longer than was probably necessary, and we now have Lucy, Bender, Little Girl, and Inky Bink.

    The Wanna Be Country Girl Reply:

    I think you and must be a lot alike Julie. I cant imagine life with animals. I love the names of your pets, especially Inky Bink! :)

  4. Tara says:

    The ones like this are usually loving.. they are so grateful for the kindness and love.

    Our youngest (yet biggest!) cat came to us at about 8 weeks of age….someone had dropped him out a car window, on a freeway on ramp….he was lucky in that respect…they hadn’t been going the speed limit. He had been attempting to climb the cement slope that this on ramp had..and never have I prayed so hard in the time it took to get back to that ramp…and prayed he was not feral….
    Tara recently posted..Hot Dog! Only took about 3 days to upload…..My Profile

    The Wanna Be Country Girl Reply:

    Thanks goodness you were there. What a lucky cat he is to get to come home and live with you :)

  5. What an awesome ending for you and Burt!…:)JP

    The Wanna Be Country Girl Reply:

    I think we’re the lucky one’s to have found him. His sweet orange face is as cute as cute can be. I just hope I don’t find anymore :)

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