Back to reality

This was the sunrise over the Atlantic, this past Saturday morning, before we left.

We were gone for two weeks, and even though we leave our dogs, cat, chickens, horses, guinea pigs and fish in very loving hands, I always worry about them.  Little Bit’s friends came over everyday to feed and play with them, and my parents were there every morning and evening to let the chickens out to free range and to shut the coop door at night to protect them from raccoons and coyotes.

It’s the dogs I really worry about. And I’m sure it’s just my imagination, but I always wonder if they think we’ve left for good. I’ve heard it said that dogs have no sense of time, but I can tell you, they are always tails wagging, greeting me at the car door, even if I’ve just made a 10 minute run to the bank. But Saturday, when we pulled up, they were ecstatic! I ended up parking the car way up the driveway because they really wouldn’t get out-of-the-way until we got out, jumped up and down and hugged them around the necks. Their greeting was defiantly different, and much more urgent, they knew we were gone longer than usual.

I believe they do have a sense of time passing and they were beyond happy to see us.

Tilly, on the other hand was less than moved by our return. I threw open the front door and came running in shouting, “Tilly, we’re home!” she looked up from her bed and said, “you were gone?”

~ Caroline


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One Response to Back to reality

  1. J P says:

    Cats are so darn independent…just scratch her ears and let her go back to sleep…I’ll take the excitement of a pooch anytime!…:)JP
    J P recently posted..Barn Charm # 6My Profile

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