Add a little color

Little Bit wanted to re-do her room a bit and knowing she like to re-do her room just about every three month, I wanted to avoid spending a ton of money to give it “the blast of color” she wanted.

It took us about five minutes to settle on the idea of big, bright, paper flowers dotting the wall to give her the color she had envisioned.


We had a great time folding, cutting and fluffing the giant flowers, and the effect was just what she was looking for. We also picked up a painting for $13.00 at Ross and two new green pillow at Biglots for $20.00. Combine that with the cost we had in tissue paper ($15.00) and she got what feels like a room makeover for less than $50.00.

DSC00308 The flowers couldn’t be easier to make and they go so fast! Nothing like instant gratification.

Layer several sheets of tissue paper and accordion fold them. Secure them in the center with a pipe cleaner and fluff. See, I told you, easy right?

DSC00309 Ta-da!


Want your flower to have a colored center?

DSC00318 Add a strip of stacked tissue paper to the center and cut the edges. Accordion fold, including the center stack.

DSC00319 Oh I almost forgot, if you like, trim the edges with pinking shears then accordian fold. I had to unfold, cut, and refold.

DSC00320 Secure the center with a pipe cleaner and spread out the paper.


Fluff and

DSC00323 Volia!


Just imagine the possibilities for these big colorful flowers. Part of an Easter table center piece or perched on top of a gift.

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  1. jojo says:

    neat idea!
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