A Winter garden harvest

IMG_0686 The vegetable garden in the backyard is still doing its thing.

IMG_0677 Crunchy carrots wait happily in their soil for us to pick them. They are much sweeter now than during the Summer because of the cool temps.

I’m somewhat new to gardening and discovered carrots really like staying in the ground, all Winter even. Two Springs ago while tilling, we unearthed a Summertime carrot as tasty as we had ever eaten. Now I make sure to leave enough in the ground to get us through Winter.


The Brussels’s sprouts are growing and will be ready soon. Billy can hardly wait…not, he’s not a fan.

IMG_0680 I am, more for me!

IMG_0681 The cabbage is heading-up. Billy loves cabbage because it’s soooo different from sprouts. That was dripping with sarcasm just in case the extreme amount of o’s in “soooo” didn’t give it away.

IMG_0682 Speaking of Billy, while I was tip-toeing through the sprouts, he dug some potatoes for us.

The green surface plants died back after the first hard frost, but protected by a soil blanket,  potatoes wait for us to dig them.





All cleaned up and ready to go.


In about three tablespoons of olive oil I browned a pork tenderloin along with the potatoes, carrots, a large onion and three sliced garlic cloves. I also threw in some sprigs of rosemary from you guessed it, the garden, and some salt and pepper.

Once the loin browned on all sides, I added a chicken bullion cube to 1 1/2 cups of hot water, stirred to dissolve, and added it to the pan to equal about one inch up the sides of the loin.

Into the oven uncovered at 375′ for about 45 minutes and you’ve got a perfect meal for a cold Winter’s evening. Comforting and warming, especially if you spent time in a drizzling, cold garden.









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2 Responses to A Winter garden harvest

  1. Monet says:

    Hi Caroline, this is my first time here, and what a lovely blog! I love seeing your winter harvest. We love to garden and can’t wait to get planting when we get into our new house. Thank you for sharing with me. This post, along with my cup of hot chocolate, is making for a very lovely Thursday morning. Have a great weekend!
    Monet recently posted..Parmesan BreadsticksMy Profile

    The Wanna Be Country Girl Reply:

    Hi Monet,
    What a sweet comment. Can’t wait to check out your garden once you get it all up and running. I’m still a newbie gardener, so I be you could teach me a thing or two.
    Talk to you soon,

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