A lunch date

Billy and I have been really busy this week, and were feeling like we had hardly seen each other. So we set a lunch date to go to our favorite restaurant.

Our local hispanic grocery store.

I love this little store. And by little, I mean really little. It has four small isles packed with just about every thing you could ever want.  The bread is fantastic!

The meat is fresh and beautiful.

They make their own sausage, I can’t wait to try some.

This isle is dedicated to grains. Polenta, quinua, flax seed and of course corn and wheat flour.

They even sell cooking supplies. I bought a wonderful mortal and pestle here.

As fun as the grocery is, this is real reason we make the drive all the way here.

Guacamole fresco, made to order with crispy salted plantains. I can’t explain what a great combination this dish is.

Billy had the arrachera, grilled outside skirt steak. So tender and delicious, served over a bed of rice with…..

black beans and….

jalapeño and cilantro coleslaw.

I had the barbacoa, brisket burrito. All I can say is……..perfection!

What a great lunch date. I’m so lucky to have such a patient husband who doesn’t mind me taking pictures of our adventures to share with you, although I think I might have caught an image of him saying a quick prayer for me to put the camera down and eat…..so I did do, just that.

If you ever find yourself in Marietta Georgia right by the ‘Big Chicken’ stop by and have a wonderful lunch at Marietta’s local hispanic grocery.

until tomorrow,

the wanna be country girl – Caroline

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2 Responses to A lunch date

  1. Caitlin says:

    Looks amazing! Is it an expensive place? The food looks so fancy in contrast with the sort of rustic store. Love it!

  2. Beverly Miller-Krohn says:

    I LOVE tiny ethnic grocery stores and their attached restaurants. Right down the street we have the Asian Market with Asian Cafe. Yea!
    I also love your pictures. Very fun.

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