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Our lake

We have a lake here on our property and I never get tired of looking into its other worldlyness. on Fall mornings when the water temp is still warm and the air is cool some amazing things happen well……maybe not … Continue reading

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Panzanella salad with homemade vinaigrette

We’ve eaten this salad many times as a meal in itself. The dressing’s what really makes it. this size salad will feed 6 as a side item the dressing we’re going to make will dress two salads of this size, … Continue reading

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today’s post is,… you guessed it, a little bit spooky,…..I’ve got monsters, hoarding, arsenic and “The Real Housewives of Anywhere!” Proceed with caution…………… Tilly and I are tired my husband and I made the fatal mistake of watching an awful … Continue reading

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Pork loin with mushroom cream sauce

pork loin is pork tenderloin’s huskier, less expensive cousin in my opinion it’s just as tasty, if not more start out by sautéing Portobello mushrooms in olive oil cook until tender and remove from pan more times than not, when … Continue reading

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